Mission and Vision

Hybrid Arts

Why we limit our art to just to sketch, abstract, calligraphy and so…!!!! Let’s break all the boundaries of art forms and let them mix. A step toward the hybridism, where Classicism can meet with Futurism, Expressionism will mix with Fauvism, Constructivism can play with Cubism.


A vision toward developing world with innovative designs that never ever existed, by considering environment and art as ingredients. A future world with futuristic art.


A vision toward exploring traditional art of different countries and analyzing changes occurred since the birth of that country. Developing new arts by mixing traditional art of different nations.


Developing new ideas and implementing it for the future necessities.

Mission And Vision

About Me

About Me


Mohammad Obaid Qamar Aged 27, is an Indian origin Artist, Engineer and an Entrepreneur. He completed his Undergraduate degree from Civil Engineering in India and later went on to do his Masters from Environmental Engineering. He is currently a GKS Scholar in South Korea for PhD program in Environmental Engineering.He is in complete love with Art and started painting from the very young age. He believes that Art should not be confined in boundaries. It should not be use as a traditional art only, but it should be hybridised with the technology and the Environment for developing innovative models with extra ordinary aesthetic.For him Nature is the best motivation for an artist and it can be used for developing creative models for future cities by developing futuristic houses, gadgets, decorative items etc.

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